Outcomes to Date

The main outcomes of the project to date are as follows:

  • The development of guidelines for the establishment and monitoring of LTPP sites.
  • The development of a National database for archiving pavement performance data. The pavement performance data is available for download (link with the database) free of charge.
  • Analysis to date suggests that pavement performance observed during ALF trials is generally comparable with in-service pavement performance, particularly for unbound pavements with thin bituminous surfacings. However, the effect of the inter-relationship between factors such as environment, age and mix of traffic loadings on pavement performance cannot be fully addressed by accelerated pavement testing.
  • Analysis of data collected during ALF trials, and the LTPPM sites, has facilitated the calibration of the HDM-4 rutting and roughness progression factors.
  • Analysis has highlighted the need for more data to enable statistical validation of design models and pavement performance.